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Jeff La

Jeff Lamoureaux

After a career in law enforcement, Jeff began working as a Title IX and Civil Rights professional and realized there was a real lack of affordable expert-level external services for organizations. Jeff has worked as a Civil Rights / Title IX / EEO Investigator, Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Title IX Coordinator, ADA/504 Coordinator, and Director of Civil Rights Compliance. Jeff is a first generation college graduate that earned his B.A. in Public Administration with an emphasis on Criminal Justice from CSU Chico and his M.A. in Organizational Leadership. Jeff's training history includes but is not limited to; ATIXA, NACUA, NASPA, ATAP, SUNY, AWI, Traliant, D. Stafford & Associates, CUPA-HR, CNOA, and FBI.

Jeff has conducted over 1,000 investigations throughout his professional career and specializes in sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, stalking, and sexual harassment. Jeff has presented training to over 1,000 faculty, students, and staff on university campuses on Title IX, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Dating/Domestic Violence, Stalking, Consent, and Sexual Assault Prevention. Jeff has testified in criminal court and was previously recognized as an expert for his knowledge of narcotics violations, substance abuse recognition, and sex offenses.

Stephanie Thomas

Senior Investigator, Title IX Investigator, Coordinator, Title IX Hearing Officer, and Certified Mediator. Education: B.A., M.A. Student Affairs, Juris Doctor. 

Stephanie has worked professionally for Colleges and Universities since 2007 engaging professionally with all levels of administration, student stakeholders, parents and community partners. Serving first as an investigator and then as a Title IX Coordinator, Stephanie has acquired extensive experience responding to hundreds of reports of sexual harassment including sexual assault, dating and domestic violence and stalking from initial report to conclusion of the Hearing Process. She has trained thousands of faculty, staff and students on issues of healthy relationships, sexual assault prevention, fairness and neutrality, due process, university conduct boards, and Title IX. 

Stephanie ‘s Training History includes but is not limited to Mental Heath First Aid, Child Abuse Reduction, Forensic Experiential Trauma Interviewing, ATIXA, Jackson Lewis, Clery, VAWA, All Title IX Regulations and Guidance, Green Dot.

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Tiffinni Archie

Tiffinni began a career in law enforcement at Eastern Washington University in 2011. Tiffinni quickly established herself as a passionate and trauma-informed investigator. Tiffanni served as a K9 Facility Dog handler, where she utilized the K9's ability to assist individuals in crisis to feel comfortable. She is currently serving as an Enforcement Officer for the Liquor and Cannabis Board for the State of Washington. Tiffinni specializes in trauma, crisis intervention, child forensic interviews, sexual violence, and mental health. She is currently in the process of completing her bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice.

Nick Franco

Nick Franco, Ph.D., is a mixed, queer, and nonbinary higher education professional and DEI specialist with over 10 years of experience facilitating complex, meaningful professional development opportunities across the country. They integrate intersectionality, systems awareness, and humble leadership into their work developing and deepening equity on college campuses and for local community organizations, and specialize in facilitating others’ personal growth in the areas of bias, communicating through conflict, and cultural humility. Dr. Franco is most passionate about organizational change efforts toward equity, empowering marginalized communities, and developing and advocating for their teams.

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