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Exclusive Trainings

Our certified training will increase your knowledge and prepare you for any challenge you may encounter. Any completed training will also provide you with access to the trainer to assist you with any of your follow-up questions.

Certified Advanced Title IX Coordinator Training

The Title IX Coordinator will learn how to increase awareness about Title IX, collaborate with the campus community to improve trust with the Title IX office, manage a Title IX office, create an annual report to present to leadership, develop training, and be an expert for the campus community.


Certified Basic Title IX Coordinator Training

Title IX Coordinator will understand the Title IX regulations and VAWA requirements, as well as but not limited to; how to ensure compliance with Title IX, intake and outreach efforts, supportive measures, emergency removal, tracking, notice of investigation requirements, and adjudication.


Certified Advanced Civil Rights Investigator Training

This training will focus on investigative strategies for the collection of evidence, improving interview techniques, improving report writing, improving completion time of investigation, and overall investigator expertise to be able to conduct any civil rights investigation.


Certified Basic Civil Rights Investigator Training

The training will provide the Investigator a basic understanding and foundation of the Title IX regulations, Civil Rights laws, due process requirements, conducting interviews, writing a report, completing a thorough and unbiased investigation, and how to testify during a hearing.


Certified Title IX Regulations Training

 The training will cover all Title IX requirements under the regulations for Title IX Coordinators, Investigators, Decision-Makers, and Appeals Officers.


Certified Sexual Harassment Training

The training will cover federal and state requirements for sexual harassment prevention and education. The education will cover the types of conduct that fall under sexual harassment, definitions of prohibited conduct, examples of prohibited conduct, bystander intervention, and reporting.

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